Gather dust from the PC

You should also focus on cleaning from dust and dirt coolers themselves due to the fact that most of the dust is there and going. In this case, the vacuum cleaner tube must be inserted close to the cooler, then it starts spinning, and there is sucked dust located there. Top grille stands, and we can not be afraid that cleaning dust hurt one of his blades.
ATTENTION! Be careful when you hold the phone near the vacuum system boards, because you can not keep up the phone and it will stick to the board. Of course, the motherboard components handset does not suck, but it may turn out not strong blow. Even such a blow can cause damage to the fragile board. C it should be neat. Do not hold the pipe cleaner too close.

Next, you need to clean your computer from dust chips, observing all the above mentioned precautions.

After that, proceed to the drawing, which already goes into play the most simple pencil in your arsenal. He will need you for the following: the point here is that the contacts – those portions of cards that are inserted directly into the motherboard connectors, sometimes have the properties of oxidized, resulting fee is unstable, and sometimes do not work. Such cases are not uncommon, when not working either RAM or video card. In this there is nothing wrong, we need the most carefully cleaned from dust.

Come back to the drawing. Take in the hands of a fee, and the most gentle on both sides we sketch contacts (edges) in pencil. Be sure to gently and carefully. As if you have been given for the restoration of an engraving of the famous Italian Renaissance painter. This unpretentious procedure allows you to get rid of oxide on tracks.

Then take the Eraser, and then gently and carefully erase drawn. It should not be much pressure eraser that does not remain on the rubber contacts. If you still remain – you can simply wipe it clean hands.

How to clean your computer from dust

1. Take the vacuum cleaner, turn it into an electrical outlet, remove the tube and nozzle so that you kept in the hands of only the hose with handle. Some vacuum cleaners have special small plastic nozzle, can use them.

2. Take a second hand brush and click “Start.” Not on the computer and on the vacuum cleaner!

3. Then, slowly but surely, and most importantly, carefully brushing the motherboard and the system unit. At the same time keep the vacuum cleaner tube five centimeters from the place where brushing. So, all the dust that rises brush will be sucked into the vacuum cleaner – is one of the most important moments in cleaning your computer from dust.

Remove the side cover sistemnika
5. Bolts put in a jar or any other place, about which not forget, that’s where you put the bolts. Who casing snap, he can skip this step.

6. Put the system unit to the right side, so that the face of the motherboard to us. Cleaning your computer from dust and can be standing, but when the system unit is – so much more convenient.

7 is removed from the system unit memory. And do not forget to remove the ends of the board latch. There may be one or two.

disable RAM
8. Next, pull out the video card. It is usually held by a bolt, bolted to the back wall, and the latch on the motherboard. Therefore, do not pull with all his strength, but first remove the bolt and remove the latch.

Turning off the video card
Turning off the video card
9. Furthermore, in your system unit can stand still sound card, modem, etc. Most often they are located under the graphics – they too get.

10. After the above mentioned manipulation disable the hard disk drive (HDD) and drive.

11. All items that you have checked out, spread neatly on the floor, preferably in the order in which you removed them. Knowing the sequence, you will be more convenient to set them back.
Step Two. Cleaning your computer from dust
Read on and find out all the details of the points of how to clean your computer from dust.